Donate for a cause. Step up for something honest, just and right. We spend money on everything from entertainment to highprice fashions and trendy items.  What if we donate a Small amount towards changing the World to be a better place for us All?

Why don't "WE" become the change we want to see in the World, "Together"?! We can help with Funding and supporting human rights and human needs whether it be food, water, shelter, justice, education, etc. We can make a difference in our own communites and through out the World Today.

We welcome and accept any form of donations because all support helps. Our goal is to provide assistance to different people in need in different types of situations (natural disasters, domestic, abuse, special needs, senior care, international, animal rights, ecosystem, rights, freedom etc.) whenever or how ever possible.

We try to follow International and Local news for people around the world as well as our own communities to try ans make a difference with our help and support. Let's Donate toward something We can ALL be proud of. We all have the power to do right and an individual obligation to survive. We need each other to evolve, progress and survive. It's time to make "The Dream" Reality. 

Started: December 12, 2012
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All Major Credit Cards accepted through PayPal for safe and secure checkouts and donations. Cash app is also available @ $HoodiesUnited. Thanks For Any and All Support. 


You can also help just by supporting Peace, Love, Equality and Justice for All.

Together we Can overcome.

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