Where to wear my Hoodies

Posted by Dzyne ScreenZ on April 13, 2012 at 7:55 PM

Everyone can obviously wear their own clothing when and wherever they may choose. However, to truly be heard or seen is by displaying these items in numbers or groups. Various Unity Impact Phrases and designs are created for that purpose in different colors and sizes. Make a statement. Make a point. Make an impact. Let your Hoodies and Tees speak out for the cause or just in general. 

Hoodies United Hoodies and shirts may even be able to make a difference in some unthinkable places. People already speak out in numbers. When everyone has one goal and one voice they tend to be heard more effectively. Groups of people of all races and gender can unite and wear Hoodies United items to stand for something just and right. Some examples of places of interest could be schools for bullying, church groups or peace rallies, positive speeches, unjust courtrooms and press hearings, equal rights activities, eco groups, animal groups etc.  

Hoodies United is expected to be a true symbol of peace. Peace can come in many forms. Peace can be obtained in many different ways. Imagine if Hoodies United were able to achieve Peace and Unity, Something our law enforcement and judicial system still struggle with today. What if we were truly able to make it possible  for people to travel in areas wearing the Hoodies United apparel and logos and get welcomed with peace, unity and equal treatment regardless to where they are in the World. Anything is possible in numbers and support from the masses.

Just about everyone from every race and gender has a neighborhood and or a hoodie. Now We can be heard from every neighborhood to every neighborhood with our HU Hoodies United Logos and our Unity Impact Phrases.The HU Hoodies and T-shirts are to help our people. Help Each other. We are all one. We are all people. We are all Human Being. Our Unification is essential to our existence, progress and evolution as one race. We have the answers to most real world issues dealing with health, justice, poverty, hunger, population, polution, etc. If we can overlook the boundaries and cultural differences we are powerful enough as one UNIT to do just about anything. 

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Reply Elle
10:07 PM on April 26, 2012 
I think these shirts really speak out. I would like to see more female designs. Me and my friends are really girly.