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About Hoodies United:

Most people own a "Hoodie/Sweatshirt". It is a simple "Piece" of clothing that is also Universal. Our company stands for "Universal Peace" and each "Piece" produced is to represent and inspire "Peace".  We Connect People around the World with Hoodies and other Unity apparel in a variety of colors to represent us All. Our business has been a positive influence to the community since 2012. "United" as one by simply wearing Hoodies United Products.

Our designs are made available to express and inspire Positive thought, feeling, emotion, actions, Pride etc. Hoodies United is a positive company whose focus is Unity, Equality, and Peace through color and designs, not intended to be offensive or negative toward any race culture or gender.

Hoodies United progressively produce and create designs to unite people from all cultures because We are all in the same Race, the Human Race.  We are all born with red in our veins and love in our hearts. Hate will not help us win the race.

Hoodies United offers a new approach to deal with Hate and Racism. Try our products, represent Unity and Peace through wearing your favorite colors. We all have favorite colors.  We offer a variety of colors to choose from and Unite all people Peacefully. Choose a hoodie in your color and let's Unite and make a difference today. Together, We can slowly change the World. 


We can be heard, seen and felt in neighborhoods and cultures around the World. With our Hoodies United products, We can make a difference.

Hoodies United is making a creative attempt to display and view Color differently. We can all create a rainbow of color with support from all kinds of people around the world. 

Our Unification is essential to our existence, progress and evolution as one race. We the people have the answers to most real world issues dealing with health, suicide, abuse, justice, poverty, hunger, population, pollution, etc. If we can overlook the boundaries and cultural differences that separate us all as people, only then we will notice that we are powerful enough as one UNIT to do just about anything. Why not do something positive with that power.? United We Stand, Divided We Can't.