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HOODIES UNITED: (since 2012)

a unique company that offers Hoodies in a variety of colors and sizes to represent the various colors, races and cultures in our World Today.  We provide simple, fashionable yet Life changing products. All of Our Hoodies United products are made for men, women, and children, of all genders, all cultures and races across the World.

Our Aim: to Change the World, "Peace by Piece". Each Piece or item has the power to change the world just like each person wearing them. Our main goal is to create a rainbow of colors with our supporters and followers. We offer a variety of quality Hoodies in various colors with positive vibes to represent and inspire Peace, Unity and Equality. We aim to touch as many lives around the World as possible. 

Our Creative Department: is always dedicated to finding creative ways to Inspire Peace and Unity. Just by wearing Hoodies United we are all United no matter race, color, gender, age, size etc.  All our supporters are inspirational pieces of art that speaks out in a positive manner.  Proceeds will always go toward a charity, a charitable cause or charitable acts for mankind/humanity.  We will always try to include a positive message in our hoodie and apparel designs for everyone to wear, support and represent unity, peace and positive vibes only.

Creating Unity: Wearing and simply seeing "Hoodies United" items on all kinds of people is a simple yet effective and fashionable way to take action and get a positive message across. Every person seen wearing H.U. (Hoodies United) items are actually making a difference in the World and in their community with Peace and Togetherness.

Logo Explained:

  • All colors mixed together create Black.
  • White reflects All colors.
  • All races share the same color Inside, Red.
  • "United" Unity/Togetherness.
  • "H" for Hoodies/Humanity.
  • "Equal sign" for Equality.  

To All Our Supporters, "WEAR YOUR HOODIE WITH PRIDE". Be Proud, be a walking advertisement for Peace, Unity, Equality, and Justice for All people regardless to any stereotype, social status or demographic. We can Be United without ever meeting, Be felt without even lifting a finger, Be heard without saying a word. We stand for Peace, Love, Happiness, Justice for all, Equality and Unity.

What do you stand for? 

Be the Light in the Darkness. Be the solution to the Problem. Be the Positive change the World needs.

(Checkout button above will take you to our safe and easy checkout at hoodiesunited.bigcartel.com)

COVID19 Alert: 

Production and Shipping has been affected. Order delays expected.  We are doing everything we can to get items and products out to customers safely. Thank you for the support and understanding. Apologies for any inconvenience.